Born in 1940 in Nafpaktos. From early age found in Belgium, where he finished his general education and studied architecture. At the same time  he at­ tended art pottery and enamel.

ln  1966 he graduated from the school of painting of distinguished Belgian artist Marcel Hastir. There he met the great painter Paul Delvaux, Jean Brusselmans, Edgard Tudgat, Rene Wilquet and Gust Kulche.

He was fortunate to study with the great Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte, who appreciated his art and encouraged him to exhibit his works. So in the ’60s held two solo exhibitions in the Gallery “l’Angle Aigu” in Brussels, which enjoyed great success.

ln 1981 he returned to Greece and settled in Naf­paktos devoting his free time to painting.

His works reflect his own means of expression throughout the sensitivity and emotion around the problems and pursuits of modern humans, such as social inequalities, and emotions such as joy of ordinary people, love, the expression to get a univer­sal dimension and set in motion a productive dis­cussιon.

Not chasing the first impression and his expression is not blatant. ln contrast, in calm tones, very bright, causes thought to be fertilized reflection within each man with  his own emotion and sensi­tivity, with its own search.

Jannis Artinopoulos